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Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) Journey


About Jonas

Jonas' NEC Journey is a platform where he believes in the old saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! We believe that through knowledge and awareness that Necrotizing Enterocolitis will one-day be a disease process that parents and children will not have to come face-to face with.  Jonas, at a young age has dedicated his life to working with these communities.  We want all individuals affected by NEC to envision their goals and realize they have the ability to make their dreams a reality.



Hi! I'm Jonas! I'm a NEC Survivor! Welcome to My Website!



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Jonas' NEC Journey is a business platform that seeks to bring awareness, education and empowerment to parents, children and adults living with the effects of Necrotizing Enterocolitis.   Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) remains the most threatening gastrointestinal complication of prematurity leading to high mortality, morbidity and cost.  Up to 50% of babies that who get NEC will die and survivors often face lifelong health challenges. Jonas is a SURVIVOR!


Jonas has been on a journey of making a name for himself within Macon Bibb-County with giving back to his community; with donations to local thrift stores, animal shelters, group homes and aiding persons with disabilities.

In addition, Jonas is ecstatic to actively participate in bringing awareness to NEC and take part in seeing the cause and effect of money raised and how his efforts can actully change the lives of individuals diagnosed with NEC. Jonas' spirit of  entrepreneurship is sparked  by accepting governors Brian Kemp’s plea to open a Tax-Free Lemonade. Proceeds from his NEC campaign will aid in future research, treatments and prevention strategies aimed at this high risk population. 

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Jonas Meets Mickey in Hawaii!!!

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Jonas' Lemonade Juice is a family owned business dedicated to providing delicious, refreshing lemonade for everyone to enjoy. Our juice comes in two flavors - traditional lemonade, and a tropical twist - so there's something for everyone! Every purchase of Jonas Lemonade Juice helps to support research and children's health services, so you can enjoy your lemonade knowing you're making a difference. Pick up a bottle of Jonas Lemonade Juice today and support a great cause

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